Record Asphalt Study from Sahinbey Municipality

Sahinbey Municipality Record Asphalt Study: This year, a record asphalt work, such as recording a thousand tons of 92 Sahinbey Mayor Mehmet Tahmazoğlu, five percent of the roads in the district of the 95 percent renewed part, he said.
Shortly before the start of the 2014-2015 academic year, Şahinbey Municipality started the asphalting of the road of the newly built Akkent Anatolian High School in Akkent Neighborhood within the scope of support activities for education. Şahinbey Mayor Mehmet Tahmazoğlu, who examined the asphalt works on the spot, said: önce Before the new academic year, we are conducting an intensive study especially on the roads that need to be paved around the new schools. Now we are in Akkent neighborhood. The roads around Akkent Anatolian High School are being paved. ”
Reminding that asphalt works are continuing in various neighborhoods, President Tahmazoğlu said, “We have poured a record asphalt of 92 thousand tons this year so far. On the one hand, we are continuing to work on the new roads we have opened and on the other hand, the renewal of the old roads, especially on the point of our citizens not to have such pit asphalt. Until now, we have also renewed the 5% of the roads in Şahinbey during our 95-year mission. On the other hand, we continue our asphalting works in our newly established neighborhoods. ”

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