Sabuncubeli Tunnel Debris Destroys Environment and Nature


Sabuncubeli Tunnel debris destroys the environment and nature: It is claimed that Sabuncubeli Tunnel construction will reduce the journey time between Manisa and Izmir to 15 minutes.
Natural and Cultural Life Initiative SözcüSü Tuncay Karaçorlu, said the threat is not only threatening the region, but may cause catastrophes in a wide region due to the groundwater involved.

It is said that the 9 thousand 2011 meters long Sabuncubeli Tunnel, whose foundation was laid on September 15, 4 and claimed to reduce the journey time between Manisa and Izmir to 70 minutes, will be put into service towards the end of 2016. It was revealed that the debris, which had the characteristics of immature coal, that emerged during the construction of the tunnel during the period when there were doubts about the real length and cost of the project and corruption allegations were dumped into the forest area near the construction site in violation of the relevant laws and regulations.


Moreover, the debris that comes out contains heavy metals due to its chemical structure, and it also contains a radiation load with the feature of coal it carries. As a result of this application made by the capital groups to the natural protected area (protected area) forest region, the stream bed reaching the Gediz river is destroyed. Again, as a result of this build-up on the streambed, flooding becomes inevitable in the region, and the Gediz River's characteristic of being a natural water source disappears. The fact that Koçoğlu A.Ş., which undertakes the project, is a company that previously buried the ancient city of Allianoi, which was located in the Bergama district, with the construction of a dam, both raises concerns and reveals what kind of “rent relationship” there is in this regard. Natural and Cultural Life Initiative SözcüSü Tuncay Karaçorlu and İzmir Chamber of Forestry Engineer Kenan Öztan, Chairman of the Izmir Branch, evaluated the existing danger and the point reached.


Tuncay Karaçorlu stated that the rubble piles, which have the feature of a large hill of tens of meters, completely destroyed the natural life in the region on the grounds of “tunneling”. Karaçorlu said, “As a result of this application to the forest area which is illegally a natural protected area (protected area), in the forest area; "A unique nature conservation and agricultural area, consisting of a wide variety of vegetation and animal species, from olive trees to pine trees, has been destroyed and continues to be destroyed," he said.


Karaçorlu stated that the chemical properties of the spilled rubble threaten all the vital properties in a very wide area and wanted the application to be stopped as soon as possible. Karaçorlu said, “These very dangerous structures, which will mix with the soil and underground waters with the rains, will affect a very wide area outside of the region they are located, by mixing them with the air. "Even with its dust feature, this pollution, which has the ability to affect the agriculture and forestry in a wide region even with the slightest wind, will close the pores of the leaves in the vegetation and cause them to dry quickly." Karaçorlu also called for all attempts against such nature massacres to be united.


Stating that public opinion is being created in the neighboring districts, Karaçorlu said, “We submitted a petition to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization regarding whether anything has been done on this issue before. As a result of the petitions it turned out that no action was taken. "We will open a lawsuit about the company with the local people in the near future."


On the other hand, Kenan Öztan, Head of Izmir Branch of the Chamber of Forest Engineers, stated that no action has been taken for the wastes that are randomly stored in various places and said, “Those piles are still standing. A small-diameter stream has formed with the rains. In other words, it continues to spread danger to the environment ”. Öztan stated that "nuclear finds" were found during the researches on the rubble in question and that it was late in taking measures.



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