Riyadh and Dammam will be connected by high-speed train line

Riyadh and Dammam will be interconnected by high-speed train line: The train line between the cities of Riyadh and Dammam of Saudi Arabia will use new trains that can reach 180 per hour. Four new trains will be launched this November.

Mohammed El Suveykit, head of the Saudi Railways Organization, said the first train will arrive in November and the remaining trains will join the fleet in December.

Speaking to Arab News, the official noted that the trains were produced by the Spanish company CAF. The trains, which can reach up to 180 kilometers per hour even in bad weather conditions, will be used primarily between Riyadh and Dammam. The trains will then serve on Dammam - El Ahsa and Riyadh-El Ahsa lines.

El Suveykit, the Middle East's largest and one of the world's largest 25 economy in Saudi Arabia, the country's development for the development of railway transportation and said that a series of projects continued. Infrastructure projects include connecting the Western and Eastern regions and the North and Central regions with railway networks and linking the holy cities with other Gulf countries.

According to the authorities, the main plan of the cooperation between the German International Cooperation and the Saudi Arabian 2010-2040, the framework of long-term passenger and freight transport network was prepared and the principles of the development project were determined.



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