Refurbished asphalts are renewed

Refurbished asphalts in the caramel are being renewed: Denizli Metropolitan Municipality and Çameli Municipality initiated in cooperation with Çameli CevizliThe old asphalt and the damaged roads are excavated and the quality asphalt is made.
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality equipment continued with the work of the Sofular-Arikaya road to secure safer and quality asphalt was specified.
Çameli Mayor Cengiz Arslan said, “We do it again by not covering the asphalt. Thus, a long usage period is created. Uneven and uneven roads were formed in the coating on the old asphalt, the road to Sofular District will be safer and safer now. ”
Bıçakcı-Çameli road works with the additional tools of the contractor company, while in the coming days road works will be started on the road to Çameli-Acipayam was expressed.

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