Confirmation of the transfer of Derince Port from ÖYK

Approval from ÖYK for transfer of Derince Port: ÖYK, 5 June 2014 has approved the transfer of the highest bid of 39 million dollars to Safi Solid Fuel Industry and Trade Inc. by 543 for the year XNUMX.

The Privatization High Council (ÖYK) approved the transfer of operating rights to Safi Solid Fuel Industry and Trade Inc. which gives the highest bid of Derince Port of TCDD.

The Papers of the Privatization Administration (ÖİB) were published in the Official Gazette. Accordingly, in order to privatize Derince Port of the General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD) with the method of ın Management Right Hakk within the framework of the said decisions, Within the framework of its specifications, the transfer of operating rights was approved.

In case the Safi Solid Fuel Industry and Trade Inc. refuses to sign the contract or fails to fulfill its other obligations, the preliminary guarantee shall be registered in favor of the Administration and the call to Kumport Liman Hizmetleri ve Lojistik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. Kumport Port Services and Logistics Industry and Trade Inc., which offers the second bid for a million dollars, was decided to transfer the operating rights within the scope of the Tender Specifications.

Tender made in June

5 2014 39 543 XNUMX XNUMX year for the ih business right to grant m method of the tender with the highest bid, XNUMX million dollars with the Solid Fuel Industry and Trade Inc. gave.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) of Derince for Port 39 years, "granting the right business" methods of the final negotiation of the privatization tender, Yılport Holding Inc., Kumport Port Services and Logistics Industry and Trade Inc. with Safin of Solid Fuels Industry and Trade Inc. officials was held in the Presidency of Privatization Administration.

In the auction, Yılport Holding AŞ was eliminated as a first in the auction which was passed after the rounds. The auction was then continued between Kumport Port Services and Logistics Industry and Trade Inc. and Safi Solid Fuel Industry and Trade Inc.

The tender ended with the fact that the highest bid of the Qatar Solid Fuel Industry and Trade Inc. 543 was given in million dollars.

Derince Port

TCDD owned ports located in Kocaeli, Turkey is the most intense place of port operations. In the current situation, the port, which became prominent with dry cargo and automotive handling, realized a load growth of 2013 in 20 and reached a volume of 2 million 389 thousand 987 tons. Have your say in Turkey in the field along with the new container port operator after the completion of the privatization process is expected to become a harbor.

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