Mobile gravel washing machine was taken to Malatyaya

Malatyaya mobile gravel washing machine was taken: Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, especially in the districts to make the road work faster, quality and economical mobile gravel washing machine in order to make.
Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Press and Public Relations Directorate made a statement on the subject, the most important criteria to be considered during the satih asphalt pavement is the use of washed crushed stone, especially during the work carried out in the district of the existing crusher on the site were taken from the gravel, which is also time and material in terms of bringing additional burden to the Municipality was expressed.
Description; In order to increase the quality of asphalt and more economical asphalt pavement, a mobile gravel washing machine with additional cost of approximately 210 thousand TL was taken.
It is stated that the gravel that will be supplied from the region in question will be used by washing in the same place and thus it will be saved from the time and cost by preventing the gravel transportation in the center.
Along with the metropolitan area, a road network of approximately 7 thousand kilometers in Malatya is said to be the responsibility of the Metropolitan Municipality and it is emphasized that the new mobile gravel washing machine as well as the mobile asphalt plant and the mobile crusher machines are still working.



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