Towards the end of Ovit Tunnel

Towards the end of the Ovit Tunnel: It has been announced that the 2-meter section of the Ovit Tunnel, which is located between Rize and Erzurum and is under construction on the Ovit Mountain with an altitude of 640, has been completed.
Rize Governor Enver Yazıcı said, “A 2,5 kilometer advance was made by İkizdere and 2,8 kilometers by İspir. "In total, 10,6 kilometers of drilling on both sides has been completed."
The 2-meter section of the Ovit Tunnel, which will connect Rize to the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions, on the 640 altitude Ovit Mountain on the Rize-Erzurum highway route, has been completed. 10 thousand in Rize Mount Ovit altitude of 600 İkizdere in the construction of the planned tunnel, 2 meters long by 640 thousand Turkey's longest tunnel 'is set to become.
The tunnel project to be built in the form of double tubes is planned to cost 800 million pounds. Thanks to the tunnel, transportation between Black Sea and Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions, due to the danger of excessive snow and avalanches in winter, will become uninterrupted and safe.
The entrance elevation of the tunnel will be thousand 919 meters, the output elevation will be 2 thousand 236 meters, and the inner slope of the tunnel will be 2,13 percent. With the tunnel planned to be completed at the end of 2015, the Rize-Erzurum highway, which is 250 kilometers, will fall to 200 kilometers.
Rize Governor Ersin printer made in a statement, Ovit Tunnel Project, noting that one of Turkey's most important and serious investment, "Avalanche will be about 14,3-kilometer tunnel with a tunnel. "The depth at some points of the tunnel will reach up to 850 meters. Work continues on both sides."
Stating that the dream of the years, the Ovit Tunnel, will end towards the end of 2015, Yazıcı said: “Ovit Tunnel consists of two tubes. A 2,5 kilometer advance was achieved by İkizdere and 2,8 kilometers by İspir. In total, 10,6 kilometers of drilling has been completed on both sides. Ovit Tunnel is an important investment for Riziz. With the Ovit Tunnel, the Black Sea will meet the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Regions and a large logistics area will be created in the iyidere region. All needs of Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia will be met. The formation of such a large logistics area in Rize will move our city up economically and move Rize's future position to a different place.
Stating that the most problematic area of ​​transportation between Rize and Erzurum is Ovit Mountain, Governor Yazıcı said: “With this tunnel, we will no longer have any trouble. A project that will bring Rize to an economic age. Thanks to this tunnel to be opened, there will be a different revival in the economic life of the Eastern Anatolia Region with the facilitation of import and export. Plateau tourism in the Eastern Black Sea region provides serious tourists, especially from Arab countries. We can bring our foreign tourists together with the Eastern Anatolia Region. Our eastern region has different characteristics in terms of tourism.

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