Road Work in the Army

highway comfort to the army's roads
highway comfort to the army's roads

After the 30 March 2014 local elections, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which focused on road works in the whole of Ordu, continues its investments at full speed in the Ünye, Akkuş, İkizce and Çaybaşı basins.

According to the information received from Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation, it was noted that in May-June, intensive work was performed in Ünye, İkizce, Çaybaşı and Akkuş districts. According to this, 4.5 km asphalt between Yenikent-Ekincik in Ünye district, Yenikent-Ekincik, 2 km asphalt between Yenikent-Dağköy, 8 km road maintenance work on Yüceler-Gölceğiz-Sarıhalil line, 6.5 km asphalt and also 10 km maintenance on Yeniköy-Dereköy-Ortaköy group road On the road to Saraycık, 4 km of asphalt maintenance and 4 km of asphalt work have been completed.

In İkizce district, Xnumx km asphalt in İkizce-Devecik road, 3.5 km asphalt in İkizce-Kurtköy-Şenbolluk road, 6.2 km asphalt maintenance work in Çaybaşı by İlküvez-Kapılı, 3 km regeneration work in Akbaba-İlküvez road, Göksu, Kapılı, İçeribükü and Roots and 20 km regeneration studies were carried out on the neighborhood roads.

In the Akkuş district, the authorities stated that the road works were still going on at various points, the 10 km stablicated coating on the road of Akkuş-Yeşilgüneycik-Damyeri-Tuzak-Kumru, 8 km stabilized coating on the road of Kurtboğaz-Kuşçuvaz, 7 km asphalt maintenance on the way to Yeşilgüneycik-Damyeri and Akkuş-Çaldere. - On the road to the 8 km asphalt maintenance work is done.

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