Yalnızçam Ski Facilities Going Step by Step

Yalnızçam Kayak Facilities Step by Step The Governor Marine Audited: Governor Ahmet Deniz, went to the Uğurludağ Ski Center, the ski lift line, accommodation hotels and examined the open parcels on tourism.

Stating that the important value for the tourism in the sense of tourism in the sense of tourism alone, the Governor Vali Deniz, the new tourism hotel in the ski center, asphalt road, parking and tourism and investment parcels received information about the authorities.

Governor Deniz, who wandered the area where the runway and chairlift lines will extend to the pasture of Yalnızçam Village, was welcomed by the children and citizens living on the plateau. Governor Deniz, chatting with the children and citizens in the highland called the next day, with the start to operate in the realm of the Ucokcam Ski Center, the villages near the region will create a new market for the products produced and the villagers would benefit from this work, he said.

The ski center, not only for winter tourism, but also has an important potential for nature and sports tourism Governor Deniz, as a result of the investments in the ski resort, there will be an important job employment in the region, he added.

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