Nazillide Damaged Roads Are Repaired

Repair of roads damaged by Nazilide: Nazilli Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams New District State Railway 28 street, 34 street and 171 street repair work on the streets due to the deterioration of the natural gas line.
Remains of asphalt and paving stones of roads under excavation of Natural Gas Pipelines that are still under construction in New District State Railways. Repair work carried out by the Directorate of Science Works of the Municipality of Nazilli scraped asphalt in the first section of the hot asphalt is poured after filling and compression operations. 171 street and 28 street and 34 street as a natural gas pipes for the laying of the road excavated roads asphalt repair work is done by teams of the Directorate of Natural Stone repair work on the hardwood roads are carried out by the natural gas paving stone repair team under the supervision of the Municipality of Nazilli.
Stating that the repairs made due to the ongoing natural gas line installation works in Nazilli are made according to the daily routine works category, İbrahim Topçu, the Director of Science Affairs, due to the laying works of the natural gas line, is the shortest of the repairs of the damaged roads in many streets and streets of Nazilli without making the citizen victimized. stated that it was completed in a short time and put into service. Stating that the works continue under supervision, Mayor of Nazilli Haluk Alıcık said that the infrastructure quality, road quality, asphalt quality and transportation quality of Nazilli will continue increasingly.



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