Mersin Traffic Tested from Air

Mersin Traffic Airborne Inspection: Mersin Police Department, with the tourism season, D-400 highway between the center and the town of Silifke intensely increased traffic on weekends, the police helicopter with aerial control.
In a written statement made by Mersin Police Department, it was reported that a series of measures were taken under the coordination of Mersin Governorship in order to relieve the increasing traffic of the coastline during the summer months. In the statement, which pointed out that Mersin is a coastal city, there is an intense population increase especially in the summer months, with the opening of the tourism season, a large number of citizens from Kahramanmaraş, Hatay, Gaziantep, Niğde and Adana provinces, as well as local and foreign tourists, to spend the weekends with their vehicles. It was recorded that they came to. As a result, in the statement that the number of vehicles in traffic increased above normal, especially on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, especially on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, in the west direction of the D-400 highway between Mersin provincial center and Silifke district, "The holidaymakers who come to our city to evaluate the weekends are Due to their return at noon, long vehicle convoys are formed in the east direction of the D-400 highway. Such that, in this intensity, the passage of emergency response vehicles such as fire brigade and ambulance, which has the advantage of emergency passage, becomes difficult and this situation may cause unrecoverable bad consequences ”.
In this context, the increasing traffic was reported to be monitored and inspected by the 5th Regional Directorate of Highways and the Aviation Department of the General Directorate of Security and the personnel of the Mersin Police Department, and said, “As a result of the inspections, all our citizens, as well as domestic and foreign tourists, enjoy their holidays in peace and security. It has been decided by our Mersin Governorship to take some precautions with priority during the summer season in order to prevent any traffic problems.
In the statement, the measures taken are as follows:
“Since Sunday, August 24, 2014, the illuminated intersections on the road route between Çeşmeli and Silifke were taken to flasher between 16.00-21.00 hours by the officers of the 5th Regional Directorate of Highways, and traffic teams were assigned to all the intersections with lights to ensure safe and rapid crossings, so that the road traffic became more fluent. has been provided. These measures will be continued until the end of the tourism season. "
Police Department officials, citizens first of their own life and property safety, peaceful and safe travel to ensure that the measures taken to comply with the warnings, warnings, warnings, warning signs and markers warned the drivers to comply with the maximum.

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