Traffic paralyzed on Manavgat Ring Road Bridge

Traffic paralyzed on the Manavgat Ring Road Bridge: Antalya-Alanya D-400 highway Manavgat Ring Road Bridge Due to the works carried out in the direction of Alanya departure, long vehicle convoys are formed.
Citizens have to wait for a long time under extreme heat in their vehicles due to the works carried out at the entrance of the bridge and the traffic flow from a single lane. He stated that there was a collapse at the junction of the road and the bridge at the entrance. Tanrıverdi said, “Especially large vehicles such as buses, trucks and trucks that enter the bridge rapidly due to the collapse face the danger of having an accident. These crashes posed great danger. Manavgat Ring Road Bridge not only for the same case in 400 percent of bridges in Turkey. The same problem is experienced at Aspendos Bridge. Due to the traffic density on the D-90 highway, it is not possible to close the road and carry out renovations. "We are doing the work we will do in the direction of the bridge from Alanya, by closing the single lane at the bridge entrance," he said.
Tanriverdi also added that they do not have the chance to do the work at night and emphasized that asphalting should be done in hot weather after the work is completed. Noting that the work was carried out to prevent accidents, Tanrıverdi said that after completing the Manavgat Ring Road Bridge, the same work will be done on the Aspendos Bridge.



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