Will not reduce YHT speed due to bird flock

Flocks of birds due to reducing the YHT speed: Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), some media outlets, reflecting as yht'n birds flock in 2013 related to the multiplication He was defeated in his explanation, experienced as 9 months out of this sad event YHT Despite the short time ' He tried to hide the fact that the birds passing through the route of YHT really got used to YHT and passed through different regions.


High Speed ​​Train (YHT) from Ankara to Eskişehir in November of 2013 hit a flock of birds near Eskişehir and the front of the train covered the birds' blood.

The front part of the damaged YHT, Eskişehir Station after the arrival of the passengers were taken care of.

TCDD officials said, m This is now starting to decrease. Because the birds got used to YHT and began to change their migration paths. However, the flocks of migratory birds hitting YHT. It will not reduce the speed of YHT due to a flock of birds, and 250 will continue its fast journeys. Over time, the birds will be used to YHT and will change their migration paths completely. Alış




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