Bridge Building under Kurbağalıdere Breeding Project

Bridge is being constructed within the scope of the Kurbağalıdere Breeding Study: In the scope of the Kurbağalıdere breeding activities, the service crossing bridge is constructed at the Uzun Çayır Junction. The work that does not affect traffic is planned to be completed in 4 months.
In a written statement made by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, “Kadıköy Due to the improvement of the stream continuing on the route of 3,2 km between the old DMO Kalamis; At the Uzunçayır Junction of Kurbağalıdere, Kadıköy In the section that passes under the Bosphorus Bridge Connection Road, the construction of the crossing bridge started. ”
In the continuation of the statement, “Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Infrastructure Services Directorate In order to expand the existing culvert, which is insufficient within the scope of the project, and transform it into an open stream section, a 25 meters wide post-tension stream transition bridge will be built and the wastewater collector lines will be enlarged and renewed. The works are planned to be completed in 37 months. During the construction, traffic will be provided in both directions in a controlled manner. ”

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