Asphalt work continues in Konyaalti

Asphalt work continues in Konyaalti: Konyaalti is the first district in Antalya where the natural gas infrastructure is fully completed.
Konyaaltı Mayor Muhittin Böcek examined the ongoing hot asphalt work in the Uncalı neighborhood. Konyaalti Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs continued by the teams continued hot asphalt expressing that the President Muhittin Insect, many administrators of the local pre-election infrastructure work, while drawing attention to their efforts to continue uninterrupted, he said.
Stating that the natural gas infrastructure works have been completed in the last year, the company has announced that they have renewed the asphalts, which were destroyed as a result of the works carried out by institutions such as Natural Gas, Telecom and TEDAS, with hot asphalt.
President Muhittin Böcek who stated that there are hot asphalt targets on 20 kilometers in this year, will be around 4 million liras. President Insect, ım Uncalı Mahallesi'nda completed streets and streets of hot asphalt work continues. This year we will make hot asphalt on 20 kilometers. Our asphalt cost will be over 4 million liras. Our goal is to make Konyaalti a livable and modern city for all. Ama

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