Konya to flock to Ankara, additional time to speed train was introduced

Konya will flock to Ankara, and there is an additional time to the fast train: 27 1 to be held in August in Ankara. AK Party Provincial Organization for the extraordinary Congress alarmed

Konya provinces, districts, women and youth branches will take charge for the smooth transition of the congress. It is learned that there will be at least 50 buses to attend the congress from Konya and there are different transportation alternatives. While AK Party Konya is said to make an increase to Ankara with around 4 thousand -5 thousand people, the Train Station Manager Erhan Tepe stated that only additional 05.00:XNUMX hours were set for additional train services.


Speaking to Memleket Newspaper, Gar Manager Erhan Tepe said, “On Wednesday, 27.08.2014, an additional flight of 05.00 people was placed at 409 on a special morning. On the 06.40 and 09.00 trains (as of yesterday) 40-50 people remained. So there is a congress density ”.


Expressing that there is no special or additional flight for the return, Tepe said, “On the Wednesday evening of 27.08.2014, that is, the return of the Congress now seems to be full of 18.00 trains. Apart from that, there is no work such as additional expedition or special expedition. ” On the other hand, to avoid any problems, the return of the congress is requested to be added to the return.


Expressing that there is also a density in the Konya Intercity Bus Terminal, the officials said, “As you know, summer season and holiday period already has a density, but of course we can see the density of the congress. There is a noticeable degree of Wednesday, but there is not enough demand yet for additional flights. But according to the demand this evening, additional flights can be considered. ”

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