Paving Works in Kartepe Municipality

📩 24/12/2018 16:34

Paving in Kartepe Municipality Continues: Kartepe Municipality continues to pave the roads of the neighborhoods within the scope of modern municipalization improvement works.
Kartepe Municipality, on the road to a new Kartepe, to expose all the riches of the county tüm Now Kartepe time, has accelerated its work with the slogan. In this context, the improvement of transportation services continues at full speed. Asphalt teams of Kartepe Municipality, Directorate of Science Affairs, which is working to improve Kartepe roads, continue paving operations in Suadiye. Asphalt crews poured a thousand 250 meters long route from Mesudiye Street to Suadiye Quarry and poured a thousand 6 tons of asphalt. The road that connects the dense settlements and relieves the transportation of the district was brought to the people of Kartepe.
Kartepe Mayor Hüseyin Üzülmez pointed out that the contribution of road works to the image of the district is undeniable. Yol Kartepe; nature, one of Turkey's popular district with its geopolitical location and facilities. A part of the riches of Kartepe district is being explored and another part is waiting to be processed. As the first impression of domestic and foreign visitors to Kartepe will reflect the roads, we consider the ways of determining the development of the district and shaping its future. We said that the road is civilization, so we will continue to adapt the transportation network throughout the district to today's conditions tir.

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