The use of Kart27 was adopted by the citizens of Gaziantep

The use of Kart27 was adopted by the citizens of Gaziantep: The use of Kart27 initiated by the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality was adopted by the citizens of Gaziantep.

7 thousand people in the first 930 this year, while the transition to the Kart27 system, 350-400 thousand people a day traveling with this card said.

Kart27 smart transportation system, which has been successful since its establishment in Gaziantep, has become valid in all public transportation of the city with 1 as of June, with the lifting of the cash use. 27 announced that it has reached a thousand.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, which provides transportation with 933 public transportation in Gaziantep, carries around 350-400 thousand passengers with these vehicles.

As well as transportation with light rail as well as buses, the Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep, 116 light rail transit system, 4 8 card processing and personalization center at different points, as well as 430 card sales and filling dealers and 20 provides payment facilities at different points of transportation facilities.

With the Kart27 Intelligent Transport System of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, the pilot project initiated to modernize the urban transportation, reduce the stop time of the buses, stop the bus without waiting for the queue and avoid financial losses, continues successfully. has decided to use Kart1 in all public transportation vehicles.




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