Completely Renovation Works

Renovation of the State Railways (TCDD), Izmir, Aliaga to Cumaovasi on the suburban line of 80 kilometers to the subway standard public transport service in Izmir Suburban System (İZBAN) reported that the renewal work is ongoing.

Railways in the statement made by the Enterprise Directorate General, izban's, not only in Turkey, the world rail railway administration, carried out by local authorities and central government cooperation is one of the most original projects said.

In recent days, some news about the Izmir press in the statement pointed out that the infrastructure, TCDD infrastructure investments made by the line were recorded. In the statement, uygulam TCDD has defined İZBAN's expansion as a policy and has been put into practice. Rail and signalization investments of the line were made by TCDD. TCDD renewal is done by Yen said.

TCDD's half a century of experience in suburban operation, IZBAN shared with the local government in the statement highlighted, Aliaga-Menderes line of the train interval of the 10 minutes to continue the work of reducing the 3 minutes were recorded.

In the statement made that the TCDD is the first duty of any kind of operation on the national railway, the following statements are given:

Gelir Freight, passenger, regional or suburb business for one of the other to give up, does not perform the task of TCDD means. If the national and regional train is not operated within İzmir, the same demand will be raised in other cities and will not be able to train in TCDD national network. With regional trains departing and departing Izmir, national train passengers do not want to transfer. He wants his own trains to the city center. Before the project started, the feasibility study conducted by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality foreseen to run a train every 2015 in the 2020-12 minutes. Proje

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