New tramway arrives in Istanbul

📩 30/11/2018 16:41

A new tram line is coming to Istanbul: With a population of 14 million, a new tram line is planned in Istanbul, which is bigger than many European countries. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) was projected by the button for the new tram line. Work is underway for the 12 kilometer line between Bayrampaşa-Eyüp-Eminönü, station, rail system and feasibility project.

IMM President Kadir Topbaş pressed the button for the feasibility studies of the line he promised before the elections held on March 30th. İBB Planning Directorate is going to bid for the feasibility project for the Bayrampaşa-Eminönü-Eyüp tram line, which is planned to be 12 kilometers long. The new tram line will connect Bayrampaşa, Eyüp and Eminönü. The tram that will come to Ayvansaray from Bayrampaşa metro station will meet with Eminönü tram line here. The line running along the Golden Horn will end in Eyüp. The line is expected to be a solution to Eyüp traffic, which is the focus of religious tourism in Istanbul.

With the tender to be held on September 2, the studies of the new project will be determined, the determination of the station locations, the station preliminary projects will be determined. Business scenarios will be organized. 1/5 thousand and 1/1000 zoning plan modifications for the regions where all routes and stations are located; Offer plan sheets will be prepared in accordance with the plan technique required by the tram system. Studies will be carried out for financial and economic feasibility studies. Studies will continue for a year. In 2015, the approximate cost of the tram line and stations will be deducted. After the survey studies are completed, a calendar will be determined for the construction tender.

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