İstanbul- Ankara Yhtnin Forced Slowdown

Istanbul-Ankara Yht's Compulsory Slowdown: High Speed ​​Train, which started its flights between Istanbul and Ankara on July 20, has to slow down due to the ongoing works in Pamukova District.

As the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line, which started its flights between Istanbul and Ankara on July 20, was not completed, between the Teşvikiye Mahallesi of Pamukova District and Arifiye, the high-speed train had to pass on the 150-year old railway line. When the barriers on the level crossing are removed in the Alifuatpaşa Mahallesi Mevkii of the line, Geyve District, a person assigned here warns those in the region by playing a whistle when YHT will pass.


Tunnel constructions on the new railway line between Pamukova Mekece and Adapazarı, which are located within the borders of Sakarya province of the 533 kilometer line in YHT, which started flights between Istanbul and Ankara, could not be completed within the specified time due to various reasons. TCDD reorganized this section of the line for 150 years of old railroad in order to avoid further delays. YHT Pamukova, which started operations on July 20, continues on its way by entering 150-year-old line in Teşvikiye Mahallesi.

Within the scope of this arrangement made due to the completion of the line, Geyve district, where 8 thousand people live, divided the Alifuatpaşa District. The 150-year safe level crossing, which previously connected the neighborhood, was also closed.


The closure of the old safe gate and the splitting of the town into two caused the reaction of the residents of the town. Alifuatpaşalılar made it difficult to remove the barriers that closed automatically after the old railway line level crossing connecting the neighborhood due to YHT expeditions and wire mesh around the railroad for YHT. Due to the fact that the old level crossing that divides the Alifuatpaşa Quarter is closed, there is no other pedestrian path, some of the wire fences drawn on the YHT line were removed and opened to pedestrian traffic. Due to the absence of a barrier or signaling system in the passage used by pedestrians, pedestrian safety was left to the security guard, who was whistling at the time of the YHT. The security guard at the level crossing warns those who use the level crossing with a whistle because there are no barriers when YHT approaches, which reduces the speed of the old line during the expedition. Minutes before YHT passes, the officer who plays the whistle so that the pedestrians do not pass through the passage, warns pedestrians who will cross the YHT line and wait for them to cross the YHT line.


Ali Küçük, who lives here, said that besides the danger posed by the closure of the safe passage, he also damaged the Alifuatpaşa economy. Expressing that underpasses to be used by vehicles and pedestrians should be built here, Küçük emphasized that they have been suffering since July 20 and that people's lives are connected to a whistle in this very dangerous passage. While Ali Fuat Pasha Neighborhood residents complain about this situation, “Ali Fuat Pasha was divided into two with this application. We have to go through this passage to do our shopping. Politicians did not keep their promises to us. We are in danger every day. ”

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