Industrial Shopkeeper Wanted Interchange Ankara-Samsun Road Cut

Industrial Tradesmen Wanting Crossroads Cut Ankara-Samsun Road: In Havza, 25 Mayıs Küçük Sanayi Sitesi tradesmen on the Samsun-Ankara highway blocked the road and took action to solve the intersection problems.
Speaking on behalf of the trades of the industrial tradesmen, Fahri Çiftçi, the head of the Chamber of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, stated that the vehicles passing from the Black Sea to Ankara due to the lack of any intersections on the main road with industrial access, passed through the transit of Havza, and that the industrial tradesmen had a reduction of 80. Noting that the subway is not used for the industrial site and the sub-passage to the industrial site, indicating that the President of the Farmer, at the same time the sub-parcel of this sub-parcel of the wrong expropriation of the road because of a citizen closed the road in the traffic and thus closed the industrial road, he said.
Fahri Çiftçi said, “The reason we cut the road here is because of the grievance of our industrial tradesmen. Despite our previous applications, we could not get any relevant results from the district governorship, Highways and Havza Municipality. We want an intersection to our industrial site, our biggest problem is our intersection problem. We have no business problems, we have a junction problem.
As the representative of the tradesmen, we gave the necessary information to all sides. As a last resort we are starting the action by cutting the way. This is a little action. I announce to all press members and authorities that we will cut the main road tomorrow or the other day. Our aim here is not to bother anyone, to complain to anyone, but only to our shopkeepers' bread boat is closed. There is a great difference between the work done in the past and the new works. Our tradesmen have suffered great losses. They have difficulty in paying electricity, water and rent. We want this problem to be solved as soon as possible, intersection with our industrial site or a mobile in the worst conditions. Bu
After the press release, the tradesmen; He returned to their workplaces without incident with the slogans 'We want crossroads, we want mobiles, we want our way to be opened'.

Günceleme: 24/12/2018 16:41

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