He Left The Train While Bringing His Home (Video)

Under the Train While Bringing Bread to His Home: Süleyman Eken, the father of two 41-year-old children, who left the house in Konya and went to his home with his bicycle, died as a result of an uncontrolled leveled passenger train crashing for pedestrians. Bread that Eken bought to take her home was thrown around her body.

The incident took place yesterday evening in the central Meram District Yenice Mahallesi Çığır Sokak. Working at a factory in the 1st Organized Industry, Süleyman Eken set off to return home with his bike after leaving work. Eken, who bought bread from a grocery store on the way, crashed an accelerated passenger train under the direction of mechanic Mustafa Engenç on the uncontrolled level crossing for pedestrians, about 500 meters before his home. Eken, who was blown away by the bike with the severity of the crash, also lost his life. The bread he wanted to take home was thrown around Eken's body. While the mechanic Engenç was taken into custody after the accident, the train was taken to the garage to prevent the passengers from waiting. The relatives of Eken, who heard the accident and came to the scene, had a nervous breakdown. Outside the security lane, the crowd, which also includes children, looked at Eken's body and watched.


Stating that Süleyman Eken greeted him before the accident, his ex-neighbor Mehmet Ali Çetin said, “We were coming by bicycles 50 meters away. He greeted me. I was coming after him. He was on the train track. Then when I clapped on the other neighbor's hands, I thought something had happened. I did not see the train crashing. Because the train was past. When I came and looked at it, I understood that the train hit Süleyman. ”


Stating that the uncontrolled level crossing was made for pedestrians to cross, Çetin said, “This place was covered with wires before this. The buildings across the road were newly built, and about a year ago they opened up enough room to cycle. According to what we have heard, a place has been opened at the request of the neighborhood ”. The investigation into the accident continues.




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