Young Explorers Train Starts Journey

Young Explorers Train Started the Journey: The first journey in Edirne Train Station on August 22, 2014, which was launched in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and TCDD, and aims to enable young people to see the historical values ​​and natural beauties of the countries in the geography of the Ottoman Empire using the railway. started.

Youth in the Ministry of Youth and Sports, young people to increase the awareness of the history of activities throughout the journey to prepare for young people to know each other to create environments to fuse and to encourage young people to read books 9 country to encourage young people to participate in the project 19-25 age group are participating.

The train consisting of 7 wagons, a train generator, 12 bed, two dining, conference and lounge wagon. Our organization is accompanied by technical and administrative personnel.

First Train Departs from Edirne

The first leg of the project will be held between 22 August and 3 September 2014. The first passengers of the Young Explorers Train will be the men's group. 118 male passengers of the young explorers were sent off by Edirne Railway Station Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports Metin Yılmaz and Edirne Governor Dursun Ali Şahin on August 22, at 12.30.

The second leg of the Young Explorers Train will start on September 5 and will be completed on September 17, 2014. The journey of the second group, in which 118 young ladies will participate, will start from Edirne Station and will be completed there.

From Romania to Hungary, from Austria to Greece….

The Young Explorers Train, which will carry its young guests to 9 countries in the Ottoman geography, Romania's Bucharest, Hungary's Budapest, Austria's Vienna, Croatia's Zagreb, Bosnia and Herzegovina's Sarajevo, Serbia's Belgrade, Makendonya Skopje includes visits to Kosovo's Pristina and Thessaloniki, Greece.


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