34 injured in the train crash in the Philippines


34 injured in the train crash in the Philippines: 34 people were injured according to the initial determinations in the train crash that occurred in Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

A suburban train in Pasay, Manila, overturned the steel barriers in the station and crashed into a busy street. At least two 34 people were injured in the accident when two trains of the train rolled into the street.

At the beginning of the search and rescue crews sent to the scene, it was stated that the debris removal process would be completed by the completion of the wagons.

Minister of Transport and Communications Joseph Emilio Abaya said that a significant portion of the wounded had slight abrasions.

Abaya, the train, the station must be at the maximum speed 15 kilometers passed said.

Railroad spokesman Hernando Cabrera said the accident was due to a technical failure, the train was found to be defective for the train was pushed by another locomotive, he said.


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