The world's Eye Turkey in the tunneling industry

The Turkish tunneling sector has become the country that has signed the biggest projects in the world together with Norway. The sector, in which the projects that the world is watching, are implemented one after the other, has been united under the roof of the Tunneling Association for 2 years. We had an interview with Professor Doctor Nuh Bilgin, President of the Tunneling Association, about the Turkish tunneling industry and the association, which had a very active and successful period. Scholar; “When it comes to tunneling sector; We are talking about a 35 billion euro sector. All the world's eyes on Turkey, "he says.

Marmaray, the Eurasia Tunnel, power projects, mountains piercing, vaccination ways to reduce the roadworks saying Turkey took its place among the most important countries in the world in the field of tunneling. It is indisputable that Tunneling Association, which gathered the sector under its roof two years ago, had a positive effect on this success. Turkey's most important congress and exhibition in the world to announce the name of the Tunnel Expo with attracting foreign business associations in our country, continues to work for the more powerful of the industry's voice heard on all platforms. We had a special interview with Professor Doctor Nuh Bilgin, who is the president of Tunneling Association and the doyen of the industry, on everything that is on the agenda regarding tunneling. Bilgin, who teaches at Istanbul Technical University and publishes the best-selling books in the world; Turkey's industrial revolution that began a new life, but he is very hopeful about the future. .

Although the Tunneling Association has a short history of two years, it has grown with the support from the industry and continues on its way at the same pace. Could you tell us about the process from the foundation of the association to today?

When it comes to tunneling sector; We are talking about a 35 billion euro sector. There was no organization to protect this sector. The sector has a lot of problems, it is necessary to find solutions to these problems. We established this association 2 years ago with the demand of the industry. The association has developed very rapidly, we have 450 members and the demands are still coming. We treat all companies equally. We do not allow our association to be the monopoly of one or two big companies and to be perceived as such. We are working to be everyone's association.

However, our work and our thanks to the development of the sector in Turkey has increased the interest tunnel Tunnel Expo same rate. Nearly 130 companies participate in the fair, half of them sub-industry companies, which provide important information in terms of the breadth and wealth of this sector. The interest of foreign companies is very intense. Only 7 companies from Norway are participating. This fair also coexists with the Akated Trenchless Technologies Association. Under the same fair, they will also make a water forum and close to 5 thousand participants will come from municipalities. this is a situation that is inflaming the sector. All these are the roads taken in two years. We want to buy a place for the association and move there after August. We will continue to talk about "How can we help the sector more, how can we improve our information network?" At the same time, we publish a magazine under the roof of our association.

We have already received our stand for the World Tunneling Fair to be held in Croatia next year. We will take our place for the fair to be held in America next year. We are already doing our work, our investments.
Turkey tunnel industry is very active and successful period on the pitch. Can you inform us about the activities of the Tunneling Association?

The two countries signed the largest projects in Europe, Norway and Turkey. Turkey will allocate 35 billion euros in the tunnel sector a few years. 7 billion dollars of this will be used for metro projects in Istanbul. It's so high number. Turkey demonstrates the success of this money to finance it. The world's eyes on Turkey.

Tunnel congresses are held in different countries of the world every year. Last year it was in Switzerland, this year it was in Brazil. Turkey participated in this congress for the first time by opening a booth. More than 20 people from Turkey participated, even a company became one of the congress sponsors. These are big developments. Most publications came from our group. At the opening cocktail, where everyone attended with tuxedos, we wore our T-shirts with the words Tunnel Expo Turkey in front of them and made a big splash. The World Tunnel Congress will be in Croatia next year. Next year in America. Where it will be next year was voted on at the congress in Brazil. We gave great support to Norway in the vote and finally Norway kazanwas.

In October 2015, there will be a congress in Singapore called CPC applications in difficult conditions around the world. We will attend this congress, and we are continuing its preparations. I am on the scientific committee of this congress. There are symposiums, congresses and book publications in the world in terms of keeping up with technology. And believe me, the whole world is watching the developments in Turkey.
We talked about the rapid growth of the sector. What are the major projects currently under construction?

The Eurasia Tunnel project is very important. In that project, untested works that will enter the world's engineering literature are signed. While it was going on in Istanbul, a very difficult tunnel was completed meanwhile. The tunnel of Statkraft's HEPP Project in Kargı is finished. On the one hand, they entered with TBM, on the other hand, they entered with the classical method by drilling and blasting. They achieved great success in very difficult geological conditions. It is a 9 kilometer tunnel with a diameter of 10 meters. Norwegian company Statkraft is building a hydroelectric power station for 45 years. Laughing finished this project. Gülermak is among the giants of the world with its projects. They have finished a metro project in Warsaw. Qualification in a project in Norway kazanthey were going to start it.

Currently one of the countries where most of Turkey Turkey tunneling work in the world. 2019 259 kilometer metro tunnel until 50, 7 kilometers around the wastewater tunnel will be made. Their total cost is around 1700. These are huge numbers. In Turkey, there is currently 1700 hydroelectric power projects. At least half of the XNUMX HEPP project has a tunnel. Turkey is a paradise of tunnels. But there are responsibilities brought by this wealth, we have to make the job right and cheap. When we look at the tunnels; As a requirement of the work, primarily engineers working in the earth sciences are working, civil engineers work in geology and geophysics. We put the mechanized tunnel lessons into the mining engineering program. Now the limit stood, Turkey and abroad, in companies doing business in Turkey and abroad.

You are also an important academic. You teach at Istanbul Technical University. We talked about the growing tunnel industry in Turkey. Well, are there students at the level of nurturing to meet this development in universities?

I would like to speak on behalf of our school, yes, our students are very well educated in our department. I am currently a consultant to 3 different organizations. Some of my time is spent in industry, so I'm actually in the operation. My other colleagues are pretty much like that. Therefore, we reflect these warm experiences to our students, we update our lecture notes and, even more important, we create opportunities for our students to work on those projects. I have been teaching since 1979. When I look at my lecture notes in the first years, I say why I have told them to students. In my current lecture notes, my student is taking lessons knowing the current, current problems of the industry. It is very important that the instructors are in the industry one on one.

Is special machinery such as CPC can Turkey do? Or are we completely dependent on outside technology?
Things that require huge technology come from outside. But there is too great a shell in Turkey. Our companies started to make small TBMs, they are making arm machines. For example, the E-Berk company makes discs. I believe that our companies will achieve greater success soon.

To what extent are the support and incentives given by the government to the sector? Do universities and companies have the financial environment to do enough R&D work?

In fact, state support ceased years ago. It was supporting universities and then it was said, "If you are good, if your project is good, find resources from the industry". And that's how things work now. Of course, each university has a research and development fund for R&D projects. If you present a project, if you meet certain criteria, the state contributes financially to you. Likewise, there is TUBITAK. Currently, 3 TUBITAK projects are underway in our department. You will receive support if you develop a project and make an effort. I just want to say this; The private sector's support for research is insufficient. The private sector only accepts when they offer to do a job on their own projects, but this is not support, this is practice. R & D concept has not yet settled in the private sector in Turkey. This is a matter of understanding discipline. Turkey's newly experiencing the industrial revolution. But I am hopeful for the future. Good things will happen.

Which institutions mainly focus on tunneling?

State Water Works. DSİ HEPP projects, water transport projects. Then there are big projects on highways. It is as well on State Railways. Municipalities have wastewater projects. For example, the pupil in Antalya Turkey does not have a sewer tunnel-based network. Turkey is still a virgin country in the tunnel area. Tunnel works in cities such as Paris, London and Moscow have started to be built in 1880 and still continue. Turkey also will be.

Together with Professor Hanifi Çopur, Associate Professor Cemal Balcı, we have written a book that will be taught around the world on tunneling. It was printed by an American publishing house and sold there by the end of November. Our book has been listed in the bestseller list for a long time.

Demos Fair Organization and Organization Ltd. Şti and MCI-Ankara company came to us and said that they wanted to organize a fair about tunneling and asked for help. On 28-31 August 2014, Tunnel Expo Turkey will be held in Yeşilköy, Istanbul Expo Center. This is a very important organization. Since they did not dominate the sector, they asked for help, and in return we asked them for a 300-person saloon. And in this hall, we will organize an international training program for 300 people. Information you can also find it.

Finally, what is the most important problem of the sector?

Education is very important. Particularly in mechanized tunnels, very different knowledge is required. Our geological engineers are very successful but learn by living. There are no courses for mechanized tunneling in the geology and geophysics departments of the university. When we look at; geology and geophysics engineers are doing very successful works in the tunnels, but they don't read lessons about tunneling in school. Therefore, one of our missions is to give training programs with short courses. We do not just give these lessons, from the Turkish industry and from abroad experts. For example, in the short course we had at the Cevahir Hotel, Professor Peila, the Vice President of the ITA, taught here. At the national and international level, we plan to tighten these trainings and integrate everyone.

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