Asphalt Works on Dereköy-Şeyhler Road Completed

Asphalt Works on Dereköy-Şeyhler Road Completed: 3,5 and 1 on the 2 kilometer road between the villages of Dereköy-Şeyhler in the Hisarcık district of Kütahya. floor asphalt studies were reported to be completed.
Members of the Hisarcık Provincial Assembly İbrahim Kılıç and Mustafa Şen recalled that last year expansion and filling works were carried out on the narrow and curvy road between the villages of Dereköy and Şeyhler. 3,5.kat and 3,5 kilometer section were laid as 2.kat asphalt. 1 cubic meter crushed stone and 1,5 cubic meter filler material were used in asphalt works. We would like to thank the Provincial Special Administration Road and Transportation Services teams, the Director and the staff, the Provincial Assembly President and members, the Mayor of Hisarcik and the AK Party District Chairman who are working on the road works and start their lives. İl

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