Chinese delegation held a meeting with TCDD

The Chinese delegation held a meeting with TCDD: A meeting was held at our General Directorate on August 14, 2014, between a delegation headed by CHENWenling, Chief Economist and Strategic Research Department of China Center for International EconomicExchanges-CCIEE.

In order to determine possible areas of cooperation, the CCIEE delegation coming to our country to conduct research within the framework of the strategy of ize Silk Road Economic Zone olası proposed by CHIC President ŞİCINPING; As well as other transport sector in Turkey also made by our Entity regarding the strategy, to be made or received information about planned activities.

The President of the CCIEE Delegation CHEN, the second stage of a consortium, including Chinese companies, and the 25 2014 XNUMX XNUMX date of operation in the history of the two countries, and the cooperation of the two countries, the project reflects the cooperation and friendship as a part of the Silk Road, they said they accept.

Mr. CHEN, country, PRC expressed their satisfaction with the cooperation with Turkey in the field of railways Silk Road underlined the importance it attaches to the Economic Belt. The People's Republic of China provided information on the experience of the high-speed railway operation that exceeds the total line length 10 thousand km.

Ismail MURTAZAOĞLU, Head of the Railway Production Department, who is speaking for the TCDD Delegation and who is responsible for conducting the YHT projects, is working in close cooperation with the countries of the route including the PRC, in the revitalization of the Historic Silk Road. In addition to the development of infrastructure projects in the context of the aim of revitalizing the railway pillar of the Silk Road, the works related to the Baku-Kars-Tbilisi project, which is being carried out at the international level, are continuing at a rapid pace. issues that need to be expressed.

In addition, Mr. Nazım Bükülmez, Vice President of APK, made a presentation about the activities and projects of our organization.

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