CHP's Soydan: YHT Route is Incorrect

CHP's Soydan YHT Route is Incorrect: CHP Çanakkale Deputy Serdar Soydan said that hundreds of migratory birds were destroyed due to errors in the High Speed ​​Train route selection.

CHP Çanakkale Deputy, Parliamentary Commission CHP Group SözcüSerdar Soydan said that hundreds of migratory birds were lost because of mistakes in the selection of the High Speed ​​Line.

CHP Çanakkale Deputy Serdar Soydan stated that YHT, who traveled on the Ankara-Istanbul route in a written statement, poses a life-threatening situation for Migratory Birds. Noting that the errors in route determination cause deaths in the migration routes of birds, Soydan criticized the statement made by TCDD officials.

Soydan, who argued that YHT, which took between Ankara and Eskişehir in 1 hour and 20 minutes, hit more flocks of birds in the first years and that it has started to decrease because the birds have become accustomed to the situation and started to change their migration routes, Soydan said in his statement:

“Those who use this path, who are not maneuverable and unlucky will continue to die on that train line. 30-40 years later, those who use a migration route other than the immigrant bird population here and the birds that have undergone physical evolution that can save themselves from the rapidly coming train will survive. The evolution of living things, their adaptation to new living conditions is not something simple enough to take place in the process that started from high-speed train services. That train will hit those birds, and those birds will continue to die. Unfortunately, this is not very abnormal in today's world. However, what is abnormal is that the authorities try to deceive the public in this way. Birds do not change their own migration routes. Many airports, high-speed train lines around the world use different technologies to remove birds from their lines. With these applications, which vary according to the types of birds, both man-made vehicles are prevented from harming birds and possible accidents are prevented. The relevant ministry and TCDD should urgently conduct risk assessments where birds are densely populated. Trains can be closed here with barriers so that it is possible to prevent possible bird deaths and accidents. ”

Soydan added that he would raise the issue concerning nature and life in order to be able to investigate it when it is opened.

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