Asphalt Studies in Bursa Continues

Asphalt Studies in Bursa Continuing: Asphalting works continue in main arteries within the boundaries of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality.
According to the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department, asphalt paving and patching is done on the main streets and streets within the borders of Metropolitan Municipality. Nilüfer Beşevler Quarter Lightning Street at the crossroads between Büşra Street and Çağrışık Street. 4 The asphalt works that started on Monday, August will end on Monday. At the same time Yıldırım Namazgah Mahallesi Şehit Ast. On the other hand, 18 will continue until August to 4, which starts on Monday in August.
During the studies in the areas mentioned that the roads will be closed to the authorities, the drivers warned the alternative roads and traffic signs and be warned to be careful.



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