Bursa New Town Square - Terminal Tram Project Details

Project Details of Bursa New City Square - Terminal Tram: The preliminary feasibility studies of the 12 km rail system (tram) line between Kent Square - DOSAB (Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone) were made, approved and put into service within the scope of Bursa Master Plan studies. This new tram line, planned by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in 1990-1991 for the OPTIM-OBERMAYER Consortium with the study "Bursa Urban and Near Environment Transportation Survey and Public Transport Feasibility Study", was revised in 2000-2001 within the scope of the "HRS System Plan Transportation Planning Program". The Route and Feasibility Study was approved by the Ministry of Transport in 2005. Within the scope of the project, it is planned to build the rail system (tram) line between Kent Square and the Terminal and integrate it into the tram line in the current operation.

The new tram line 12, planned as 10 km, is located at a separate point (City Square Junction 2, Nilüfer Creek 2, Fairground).
River 2, Warehouse Area 1, Various 3 pieces) cut off road and various structures, underground and above the ground going to coincide with wheeled vehicle traffic! Since the project details are not ready, we do not know where these points are yet.

Prota Engineering, which won the design tender of the project, is expected to complete the design within nine months and start the construction tender.


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