They are spreading asphalt on the clouds: As part of the 'Yesilyol Project' aiming to connect the Black Sea Plateaus from Samsun to Artvin, the connection road of Çaykara-Akdoğan-Sultan Murat Plateau is paved.
Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, Yesilyol project within the context of the Çaykara-Akdoğan-Sultan Murat Plateau began the asphalt work on the road. Sultan Murat Yaylası, which has been used by local people, will be completely asphalted as a result of the asphalting of the remaining 12,5 km of the Sultan Murat Yaylası road which has been paved before. Approximately 25 thousand tons of asphalt was planned to be completed at the end of September on the road planned to be completed, asphalt work was welcomed in the region.
Çaykara Koldere District Headman Hüsnü Karataş reminded that 6 moon plateau is being done in the region. Üs Our people who spend half of the year here are very pleased with the works. Our way is paving. It is also a highland where local and foreign tourists have shown great interest. As the road becomes asphalt, tourism will be more alive in our plateaus. Our villagers will go to the plateaus in a much more comfortable way. Everyone will be comfortable. We would like to thank everyone, especially our Mayor Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu who has contributed to this issue. Bu
Ahmet Öztürk, who worked as an artisan in Sultan Murat Plateau for thirty years, touched on the contribution of the studies to tourism. Öztürk said, yolda Buses carrying tourists were very difficult on this road. Now we will be completely asphalted with the asphalt run started. Tourists will reach our spring asphalt road comfortably. My father is 86-age, 60 is the artisan on the plateau for years. I've been with him for 30 years. We would like to thank our Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for his asphalting our way to our Mayor, Gümrükçüoğlu, and we are grateful to him. This is a great service. Bu
Rahmi Sever, one of the residents of Yayla, expressed his pleasure for the work done and said ard Yaylacılar 6 is staying here for months. Our roads are so beautiful now. May God bless Allahu. With Trabzon being a metropolitan city, we started to see the benefits of its services as well Trabzon.
Çaykara-Akdoğan-Sultan Murat on the way of the asphalt initiated the road in the description of the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Trabzon. Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu, "metropolitan with no service square meters will not remain in Trabzon," he said. With the completion of the studies of Arab tourists showed great interest in the road of Sultan Murat Plateau will be completely asphalt President Customs, said:
Bir Previously, a part of the Sultan Murat Road was paved. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we took action for asphalting of the remaining 12,5 km. We separated the source by giving the tender instruction. Thank God we started our work. We plan to pour about a thousand tonnes of asphalt on this road. Of course due to the distance a truck can do up to two times a day. I hope to complete our asphalt study here at the end of September if there is no setback lam This road is a road which is used extensively for tourism purposes. The region is particularly interested in our Arab tourists. Once our work is completed, tourists will be able to reach Sultan Murat from the airport by asphalt. Alar
Gümrükçüoğlu, as the Metropolitan Municipality of Trabzon, they will fulfill their responsibility in the context of the Yesilyol Project, he added.
On the other hand, during the asphalting works, beautiful images were formed during the work of the teams on the plateau where the clouds formed a white cover.

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