Bozkurt Mayor Ekeş Toprak road will not stay

Bozkurt Mayor Ekeş Toprak road will not stay: Bozkurt Municipality, connected to the district center, stabilized side streets and streets covered with asphalt.
In the work done on three streets and four streets connected to the central neighborhood, the total 2.5 kilometer road network was covered with asphalt. Bozkurt Mayor Bozkurt Ekeş stated that a total of 2500 meters of stabilized roads, including Governor Kaşif Ünal, Kaymakam Rıfkı Başkaya and Colonel Muammer Karakaş Streets, Nihat Yavuz, Güney, Orman and Karanfil Street and Sami Akkuş Sanayi Sitesi back road were covered with asphalt. . We evaluated the complaints of our fellow citizens and covered the asphalt roads of our districts in the central neighborhood. After that, we will not have a dirt road in the center of our district,.
Ekeş, who is following the asphalt works on site, stated that the citizens constantly complain about the dust making of these roads and added, yap We give importance to citizen focused municipalism since the day we took office. We are producing solutions according to the order of priority by ordering the desires of our citizens Hemş.



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