Bozankaya and Kayseri BB 30 Sign Protocol for Tram

Bozankaya and Kayseri BB 30 Sign Protocol for Tram: Bozankaya and Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality signed a protocol for 30 tram!

Bozankaya A.Ş. and Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality signed an 42 new rail vehicle vehicle purchase contract. as the most cost-effective procurement of trams made so far in Turkey to the fore tools are also important with high passenger capacity.

In the area of ​​rail public transport systems and public transport system in Turkey it is increasing the need for tools. Currently, large cities need thousands of kilometers of rail network and hundreds of rail vehicles. One-hour 15.000-20.000 passenger capacity in one direction is the choice of rail systems. Developing new vehicle projects with the latest technology for this purpose, Bozankaya Inc. has made an agreement with Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and 30 for new tram. The contract, which includes the purchase of new vehicles to be used in the rail system in Kayseri, was signed with the Mayor of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Özhasaki and Bozankaya Inc. Chairman Murat Bozankaya.

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, 2008 22 units produced in Italy, and 2010 16 pieces produced by the rail system tools were served. In line with the need for public transport services, the 17.5 km line has been developed as 35 km. For the purchase of new vehicles, Kayseri has chosen the domestic production of Bozankaya A.Ş. This means having the highest passenger capacity in the tram segment in Turkey, but also in Turkey, the cost of buying carried out so far by the importance being the most convenient tram project.

In his statement at the signing ceremony, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Özhasaki stated that there are about 30 million investments for 42 vehicles. X We are using trams in cities such as 1 million in cities like us, even in cities with large 2-3 million. In provinces where the population is more dense and the number of passengers going in one direction increases, it is necessary to move to the underground system under the ground. In Kayseri, 30 rail systems are being used for years. In the past, we had to buy from foreign companies for rail systems. Now we can work with Turkish engineers and provide domestic production vehicles. Bozankaya A.Ş. The fact that a Turkish company won the tender makes us proud. gibi

Underlining the safe and comfortable transportation for passengers, President Mehmet Özhasaki stated that the safety coefficient of tram and rail systems is very high. Özhasa that; ”With the new vehicles we will receive from Bozankaya, we aim to increase the number of passengers using the daily tram from 105.000 to 150.000 aya.

Bozankaya Chairman of the Board of Directors Murat Bozankaya underlined that in the signing ceremony, using the latest technologies in rail systems, they produce in world quality standards; "In the rail production in Turkey to come to this point and to provide services to local governments, with domestic production source of pride for us. We believe that the interest of our rail vehicles in local administrations is the return of our investments and labor. Ray Murat Bozankaya stated that the production was planned in Ankara and stressed that Kayseri could be the place of production.

Giving information about new tram projects Bozankaya A.Ş. General Manager Aytunç Günay: alçak We have prepared a 100% low base tram design with a team consisting entirely of Turkish engineers. Thanks to the R & D activities carried out, we have made the city-based low-base tramway vehicle consisting of 33 meters and 5 modules ready for production. These trams, which meet international standards, provide solutions to transportation problems of our cities. Ulaşım It is a domestic production transportation vehicle that has a high quality level and is more advantageous in terms of cost compared to the transportation vehicles imported from Europe edil.

Bozankaya's local production tram projects offer many advantages olan

The tram, developed by Bozankaya, offers high passenger capacity with a total of 66 passengers, including a large and spacious interior and 392. On both sides with six doors on each side with a total of 12 doors, these doors allow for faster passenger landing-boarding circulation. With the use of real axles in bogies, low maintenance costs and ease of maintenance are provided. We also offer high efficiency and continuity using an inverter for each motor. In addition to the cost of purchasing, domestic production and advantages of providing spare parts and services at a lower cost and in a shorter time.


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