BMW also train in Turkey

BMW also train in Turkey: the end of July, made in Turkey by train, automobile transport has been added to a new one. BMW's top two train 200, debuted in Turkey.

Germany's BMW downloaded from Rosenberg city, it reached Turkey 5 days. When the European leg of Transport DB Schenker, Turkey had organized Borusan Logistics to the feet.

The arrival terminal of the BMWs was the Tekirdağ Port, unlike the vehicles previously brought to Derince.

It is stated that the transportation is completed without any delay in long-term customs procedures.

Laaers type wagons of BLG Logistics, based in Germany, were used in the carriage. BLG's fleet has 1256 wagons. Among them are Laaers 700 type car transport wagons with fixed heights, as well as Laaers 800 type wagons in which the height can be changed. 12 units can be loaded from sedan vehicles such as BMW. Thus, 17 vehicles can be transported on a train consisting of 204 cars.

Before the beginning of this year, Skoda, followed by the Renault brand vehicles, the train was brought to Turkey.

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