BALRAY Project studies started

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality BALRAY Project Work started on the hrs line planned to be built between Terminal - Çarşı - Balıkesir University Çağış Campus (campus).

New developments have been made regarding the tender of “Light Rail Tram Line between Terminal - Çarşı - Balıkesir University Çağış Campus” to be realized by Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality.
According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; Negotiations are continuing between TCDD 3rd Region and Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality for the project in question.
In the past months, Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ahmet Edip Uğur received a briefing about the project from İzmir Regional Directorate of TCDD.
Briefing at TCDD İzmir Regional Manager gave information about the railroad networks in the city center and its surroundings, and the rail systems in the master plan projects prepared by Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality.
With the completion of the necessary studies, the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments and the Ministry of Development will apply at the beginning of 2015.
2015 of 2 for the construction work of the project. half of the tender for the tender stage, the officials noted that the second stage of the Yenimahalle (TOKI) said the expansion is planned. (EA)

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