Guard at the train station in Aydin

The safe at the train station in Aydın was robbed: In Aydın, the unidentified person or people who opened the locked door of the train station with a lever got involved in the losses with the 2 thousand lira they stole from the lock left unlocked.

The incident occurred at the Train Station of TCDD in Cumhuriyet District. The unidentified person or persons who entered the garage, which has been in operation for a while, but has been operating, opened the locked door outside with a crowbar. The thief or thieves who stole about 2 thousand lira in the safe were involved in the losses.

Today in the morning, the teller officer who came to work in the morning, noticing the theft, reported to the police. Due to the lack of security guards in the garda security and security cameras were specified. It was learned that the unnamed box office officer did not lock the safe. The study was started to determine who was doing the theft. It reported that investigations still keeps go on.




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