Ayaş Tunnel to be used in suburban transportation

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Ayaş tunnel will be used in suburban transportation: Ayaş Mayor Bülent Taşan, Ayaş Tunnel and the old railway line, b Our negotiations are positive. We will use the railway which is discharged, in the freight and commuter train voyages. At

Overflow, in his statement, under the new high-speed train project prepared an EIA report recalling, "This will be done, even the old railway will not be used," he said.

Emphasizing that the Ayaş Tunnel and most of the old railways will not be used in the high-speed train project, Taşan said, ağ We intend to use the old railway for freight and suburban flights. We want to use the trillions of liras and evaluate the railroad which is half and idle. Melih Gökçek and the deputies of the region met separately. Our talks are positive. We will be using the railroad that is discharged, freight and commuter train expeditions. At

Sincan-Ayas-Beypazari-Nallıhan-Çayırhan'a part of the railway road infrastructure is ready to express that Taşan, a With the commissioning of this railway route, the region will gain a different vitality. The people of the region will reach the capital more quickly. In the Çayırhan neighborhood, where the industry is quite active, the train has a different meaning. For this reason, as we care about this alternative railway route, we will evaluate an investment that is idle. Bun


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