Works Started on Selahattin Olcar Bridge in Düzce

Work started on the Selahattin Olcar Bridge in Düzce: Work has started on the Selahattin Olcar Bridge as part of the Asar Suyu Creek Renovation Project.

As a result of the project initiated by DSI within the scope of stream rehabilitation works, studies started on the Selahattin Olcar Bridge. Selahattin Olcar Bridge, which is located on the terminal route to be constructed, will be suitable for other bridges and will have a new look.
Selahattin Olcаr Bridge work is planned to be carried out in such a way that the citizens will not be victimized during the renovation works. In this context, the 50 meters will be constructed and the works will be carried out in two sections.
Firstly, the existing old bridge will remain, after the renovation works in the 25 meter area, the old bridge will be demolished and the work will be started on the 25 meter.

During the studies, the bridge will not be closed for months. Selahattin Olcar Bridge will stop the day of transportation sAdece 10. Bored piles (ground strengthening) will be stopped for the work of the traffic in this process will be provided from the bridge. Thus, Selahattin Olcаr bridge citizens will have a new look without victim.



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