Asphalt Mobilization in Maltepe

Asphalt Mobilization in Maltepe: In the first 2014 of 8 by Maltepe Municipality, 32 kilometer road was paved throughout the district.
Maltepe Municipality, which has been continuing its infrastructure activities without slowing down, carried out several activities in the 8 neighborhood of the year in the 18 month, from asphalting to paint activity, from tretstone to rainwater trough. Within the framework of the works carried out by Maltepe Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs, total 32 kilometer road was paved. 22 thousand tons of asphalt was used for this purpose.
9 thousand square meters of stone paving road works, 600 pieces grid installation, chimney construction-maintenance and repair work, 25 pieces barrier and 500 square meter stone floor laying, 700 square rainwater channel work, 8 thousand square meter paint work, 250 cubic meter asphalt shard paving work, thousand 400 square meter stone and stone paving road repair work, thousand 400 square meter wall construction work, 8 thousand meter curb work, 500 meter rain water chute making work, 900 meter stair construction and repair , 34 pieces of lighting pole assembly, 900 square wire mesh and railing construction work, 700 pieces of composite boundary elements and 700 meter speed cutter assembly work carried out 14 thousand tons of rubble dump.
Maltepe Municipality, Directorate of Science Affairs Road Maintenance Department officials, the work will continue without slowing down, especially in the neighborhoods where problems are more often said to establish a more active system.



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