Arsuz traffic will breathe!

Arsuz breathe the traffic: Arsuz Mayor Nazım Culha, to improve the safety of road transportation and traffic safety of Mersin Highways 5. He requested that the necessary inspections be done for the intersections, overpass, upper or lower intersection arrangements in the regions determined by the letter he sent to the Regional Directorate.
As Arsuz is a touristic region route, President Nazım Culha pointed out that there was a heavy traffic flow especially in summer road. He also stated that the highways and overpasses that will be built on the Iskenderun Arsuz highway and in the designated neighborhoods would be the lifeblood of Arsuz traffic.
President Culha said that their aim was to bring traffic flow to a healthier and safer system and to minimize the loss of life and property. Yol Iskenderun Arsuz, which is continuing to be built within the boundaries of our municipality, is working in the boundaries of the road. We didn't notice that the trenches were not formed at the bottom of the slope and that the rain water that could come down from the mound was not evacuated. For these reasons, it will be very difficult to compensate for the damages that may occur in the case of workplaces, houses and farmers' flooded agricultural land in the future. As Arsuz highway is a touristic and holiday area route, there are accidents that cause the loss of life and property at the intersections together with the heavy traffic flow in the summer road. We think that these accidents can be prevented with lower or upper bridge junctions Bu.



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