Ordu Ring Road Project Changed

Army Ring Road Project Has Changed: AK Party, Army Deputy Fatih Khan Unal, Turkey's longest having the tunnel and Turkey, which will make significant contributions to the economy of the Army said that Ring Road, the end point of the visit to the changes in the project.
AK Party Ordu Deputy Fatih Han Unal, the ongoing construction of the ongoing construction of the Ordu Ring Road, Project Manager Naci Asil Kazancı and Control Chief Canan İnceoğlu'ndan received information.
Seeing that the construction of the Ordu Peripheral Road was underway, deputy Fatih Han Ünal said that a project change was made at the end point of the Ordu Peripheral Road, and that this part would be tendered as the second stage.
Deputy Governor Fatih Han Ünal stated that the road was passing through the land of Ordu University and after the application of the University to the Ministry, he said: içeris There was a need for a change on the freeway. A change was made in favor of the Army in order to improve the university's development by making a change in the campus location of Ordu University, leaving the area between the coast and the ring road to the south and leaving a larger area. With this change, we pass the Turnasuyu Valley and take the coast road near Divani. This was a pretty big job. In this addition, viaducts, bridges and intersections entered. This added part will be awarded as the second stage and the project will be completed. The project is now progressing rapidly, there are technical problems, due to the land structure, but our company is a powerful company that can handle them with a firm knowledge and equipment. Proje
Saying that a road project with the most tunnels had been signed, Deputy Fatih Han Ünal completed his statement as follows: olan The tunnel is secured by preventing the small shifts in the tunnel and the productions continue. There is a tunnel construction near 18 bin 500 meters. These tunnels originate from the structure of the land, but both the expropriation land is decreasing and the land of the citizen is undermined without causing too much damage. When this route is over, motor vehicles will consume less fuel in a year. In this case, we will have 26 million TL back.

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