Ring tours in Ankara created a mess

📩 30/11/2018 17:04

Ring tours in Ankara created a mess: the ring on the newly opened subway lines of buses starting on Saturday after the ring application, the first working day of the week, the citizens had a hard time. Not aware of the application, Sincanlılar, Kızılay and Ulus to go to the bus to the Çayyolu Metro was surprised by the bus.

The ring service, which started with the directing of the bus services to the metro lines in Sincan and Çayyolu, gave a hard time to the passengers who wanted to go to work early yesterday morning.
With the ring application in these neighborhoods, bus stops from the city center to the city center were canceled. While the bus stops in Çayyolu and Sincan were busy, EGO drivers had to tell the citizens about the map and ring routes.


The city residents, who were not aware of the practice, formed long queues at the stops at Çayyolu. Those who reacted to the application, "Everyone is late for work, we were using previously 2 means to get up and down more vehicles now," he said. Citizens complaining that the number of transfers is too high, arguing that the charge, "We have repeatedly printed a card," he claimed. People from Etimesgut and Sincan to Çayyolu ring flights, ring Sincan and Etimesgut are the victims. Travel time and number of transfers increased. Many citizens are late for work, yer he criticized. Metropolitan Municipality officials who made observations in the region underlined that the transfer fee has not been received and added, ileri So far, no serious problems have been encountered. The number of vehicles in the Çayyolu subway, which is 6, was upgraded to 9 with the new application before the Ring application, and its capacity was increased Ring.


Sincanlı citizens who argued that sufficient information sharing and length of transportation were prolonged and expressed their reactions: anlı We have to make two and now in Kızılay, which we have reached in a single way. After getting off the bus we take the metro, so we have to wait at the bus stop and at the metro stop. We reach the Red Crescent in 40 minutes. There are no warning signs about routes and times. On the first day we were late for our work, even the bus drivers did not know about the routes and times. New ring services have caused us to suffer. Yeni


The newly integrated EGO buses provide transportation to Koru and Ümitköy metro stations. According to the new regulation, the old buses will carry passengers to Çayyolu Metro station instead of Kızılay. Sincanlı citizens, ringing Sincan Metro instead of Sincan Metro reacted to the Çayyolu Metro, said: u There is a metro station in our region, but the ring is taking us to the Çayyolu. When we want to provide transportation by metro, the ring takes us to Çayyolu. We don't understand what kind of system it is. The Sincan people are not integrated into the Ring service, they are integrated into the Çayyolu. Ring

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