Technical Fault in Ankara Subway

Technical Fault in Ankara Metro: There was no transportation between Ümitköy and Koru stations due to the signalization malfunction in Çayyolu Metro. Those who want to go to Kizilay from Koru to Ümitköy were transported to the ring, and the same way, Ümitköy and Koru were provided with ringle. Meanwhile, the density at the entrance of Ümitköy Station affected Eskişehir Yolu traffic negatively.

In the early hours of the morning with the ring bus passengers to the direction of Koru, the train was not shocked by the information on the shock. Passengers took the public buses to Ümitköy station and from there to the train to Kızılay. Passengers arriving from Kızılay and wanting to go to the Koru Station were transported by ring buses, while there was a high density in Ümitköy Station. Police officers intervened in the debate between the citizens and the officials who argued that the authorities were missing from the point of referral and information transfer, while some of the passengers closed the traffic to Eskişehir Yolu. With the intervention of the teams, the fault time was fixed at 09.55. In the statement made by the metropolitan municipality, the technical information about the malfunction is given, "We are sorry for our citizens due to this malfunction caused by the failure, thank you for their understanding," the statement said.


There was disruption in the traffic of Eskişehir Yolu due to the fault in the metro line. Due to the disruption of traffic, financially damaged accidents occurred. After the brawl, a press officer was beaten in a local newspaper.


For information on the incident due to the incident, the Republican People's Party Deputy Levent Gök told the incident that the wagons had been flooded before. This affects the signaling system, affects the rails and the troubles caused by flooding the wagons Ankara-Ümitköy metro often makes the fault is making.

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