Ankara-Istanbul YHT ticket prices have been announced

Ankara-Istanbul YHT ticket prices have been announced: The High Speed ​​Train, which we expected with great hopes and started its flights last week, made a free flight for a week. High speed train started to provide paid service since yesterday. This morning, the high-speed train, which came to Izmit Train Station at 08:24 in the morning, continued on its way, taking 20 passengers. It was learned that a total of 200 tickets were sold today.

The one-week haftalık free travel 'period at the Istanbul-Ankara high-speed train ended. Fast Train, will now carry passengers on fare schedule. High-Speed ​​Train, which will make a mutual 6 trip between Istanbul and Ankara, started its scheduled flights today. 20 passenger tickets in Izmit for the first train in the morning while the 200 ticket sold in total learned.

Starting from today, the Fast Train, which will carry passengers for fee, will move from Istanbul to Istanbul every day at 11.52, 14.55, 17.40 and 20.42. High-speed trains from Izmit to Ankara are as follows: 08.24- 11.26- 14.14- 16.54. Fast Train, Izmit station will only wait for 2 minutes.

The fare tariff for High Speed ​​Train's journey from Izmit to other stations was also confirmed. Full fare charges are as follows: Izmit-Ankara (65 TL), Izmit-Polatli (55 KTL), Izmit-Eskisehir (42.50 TL), Izmit-Bozuyuk (42.50 TL), Izmit-Pendik (15 TL), Izmit-Arifiye (15 TL). Students from YHT will benefit from a discount of 20 percent. In addition, some public personnel will apply a discounted rate to people above the age of 65. Citizens, who want to pay more wages to travel in luxury position, can eat on the train.



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