Second bridge in Adıyamanda

The second bridge in the Adıyamanda Eğriçayay: A second bridge is built south of the Eğriçayı bridge, which provides access to the west side of Adıyaman.
Within the scope of the transportation works carried out by Adiyaman Municipality, a second bridge is constructed in the area of ​​Eğriçayı. With the completion of the construction of the bridge, Altınşehir and Karaali neighborhood will be connected. The bridge, which is a second entrance gate to Adıyaman, is important for city transportation. In a statement from the Directorate of Municipal Affairs, the technical specifications of the bridge were given as follows:
“We make a new bridge to Eğriçayı. The net clearance of the bridge is 100 meters. The height 16 meter is 22 meters, and the two departures consist of two pedestrian walkways each. There are four legs on the bridge, two in the middle and two in the foot. The bridge has an 3 aperture and 2 is traversed by a prestressed beam with different apertures (180 and 120). Ground improvement of the parts where the feet were sitting was made by the bored pile method. Two middle standing bored piles are placed on the ridge foundation, each standing 3'er column is rising. The project will be completed by holding a stone retaining wall to hold the road embankment behind the bridge.



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