When will the university campus tramway work end?

When the campus tram line works will be finished: The Metropolitan Municipality announced that it will be closed to the tram transportation due to maintenance works between Otogar-Kampus and 25 announced that the transportation will be provided by buses from Otogar Campus during June.


Making a statement to Memleket Newspaper about when the works will be completed, the Department of Transportation stated that "the work is still ongoing and the line maintenance will be completed in a short time". Here is the statement from the Metropolitan; Konya Metropolitan Municipality carries out line maintenance within the scope of the work carried out by the rail system line between the Bus Station and the Campus. It was announced by the Metropolitan Municipality that the ongoing works will be completed in a short time. The following statements were also made in the announcement from the municipality: The ground, which is suitable for the trams operating with old technology at the level intersections on the rail system, is strengthened in accordance with the new technology as the axle load of the new trams all over the world is heavier than the old ones. In addition, anti-vibration connection materials are placed under the rails on the line.


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