No security risk in Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line

Security risk in Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line: Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train signaling works did not end Minister Elvan,-I say very clearly on the high-speed train has no security problem. Certifications were taken. Sert

Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan told Hürriyet about the issues discussed about the high-speed train. Elvan, who explained that the signaling work on the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train is not over, said, izasyon But there is no security problem. Because the signaling part will not be fast, conventional part will be conventional. There will also increase 10 only when the speed signaling is finished. I have a security problem on the fast train telling very clearly. Certified. 85 was a thousand kilometers test drive. I trust technically,. He said.

- Is there a security problem on the fast train?

Elvan: The certification has been accredited. The process in the previous high-speed trains was also the case here. Only the signaling works between Gebze and Köseköy are about to be completed. It will even be our maximum speed 118 mileage. Even if the signaling is finished, the 118 will be the mileage. The current speed is also below the 10 of this speed, ie the 11-12 mileage is lower. If you have provided the necessary security infrastructure on conventional lines, there is no trouble when there is no signaling. You're completely disconnected from outside. You are clearly revealing which line to go from. No distress. This way it can continue. But we will surely end up here in 2 months of signaling.

- What does it mean if there's no signalization?

Elvan: The radio system is in question. Continuous radio communication is provided between the engineer and the ground team. In fact, there is no way for anyone to enter or block.

- Wasn't it more healthy to wait for me?

Elvan: If it wasn't for a line to operate conventionally, you might be right. When we call it conventional, the speed limit we need to understand is not exceeding the 118-120. In places with high-speed trains, the speed goes up to 275. This is not the case. How to pass the train from a place is determined by the geographical conditions and environment. But that part is part of the high-speed train.
Along the line, it is determined how many kilometers you will go and the system is loaded. You can't get out of that speed.

85 thousand kilometers test drive

Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, stressed that the lack of signaling would not lead to a security problem and said: olm When the work is finished, the speed will increase only by 10. This will shorten the journey 5-6 minutes. There is no risk for security. 85 thousand kilometers test drive before the line was activated. Our test train was done until the end of all kinds of tests. Bizim

Cost may increase at the airport

Elvan, who made statements about the new airport, said:-After an investment of 10 billion Euros, maybe the works that will be 12-13-15 billion Euros. The difference in denim will change, but in this case shavings in the area will be raised. Nobody is considering it, but the cost of construction may increase. Friends also say the cost increase is high. After the work is done, we need to look at the new figures that are formed Çalış.

Stopping the train was the right decision

Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, emphasized that there is no security problem and said: fi The event we experienced the other day. He told us to lightning friends. I have been doing things like this in a very heavy rain, storm, and in my opinion, by stopping the train. The opening of the 15 minute is brought to the agenda, not the opening of YHT. I'm weird about that. Gar

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