Damaged roads repaired in Edremit

Damaged roads in Edremit are being repaired: In Edremit, Bаlıkesir, the roads that have deteriorated for various reasons are repaired and repaired by the science team. Finally, the area that deteriorated due to the water line in the State Hospital was repaired by laying parquet stones again.
In the town of Edremit, the roads that had previously been paved with asphalt and stone pavement, but which were destroyed by reasons such as water and electricity line works, are repaired by the science teams. The connection road of Edremit State Hospital, where the traffic flow was intense, was repaired by laying parquet stones by Edremit Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs. Edremit Mayor Kamil Saka said, 'We have started the repair works of our roads, whose asphalt was previously thrown and parquet was laid in our district, but which were worn out and dented for various reasons over time. Our roads in different parts of our district are damaged in terms of permanent damage, and we cut the asphalt roads with a stone shaving machine and make asphalt patches. President Saka said that the reorganization work on the avenues and streets will start after the summer season ends.




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