Yama Mountain Ski Center starts to fall

Yama Mountain Ski Center began to fall before the opening: Malatya was laid by the former governor Ulvi Saran, and so far the 10 million TL spent spent in the Yama Mountain Ski Center before the completion of the wire wire began to pour. Sewerage and roofs on the roof of the path of the center is not flying. Considering one of the dead investments, the ski resort was abandoned.

Don't embrace the project!

To date, the road and the sewerage of the Yama Mountain Ski Center is not owned by an institution. In response to the questions regarding the fate of the Center, the Investment Monitoring and Coordination Presidency affiliated to the Governorship said, et The project has not been transferred to us yet e. The control is also in the ministry. That's why we don't have in-depth knowledge. As far as we know, due to the contractual problems, the construction is stopped iden.

Projected for Adana

The governor of the period, Ulvi Saran, who was designed for the Pozantı district of Adana in the mid-2000s and laid the foundation of the project with his own special interest, said in a statement at the end of 2011: There will be a total of two tracks, 338 meters long, the 700nd stage ski area. The location where it will be established has high qualities in terms of snow quality, snow retention time, length of ski runs and elevation differences. Hekimhan Yama Mountain Ski Center construction will have a closed area of ​​1 square meters. A 382-story and 500-bed capacity building will be built. He gave information about the project in the form of a teleski facility with a length of 2 meters and a carrying capacity of 2 people per hour, in the area where there will be a sufficient number of parking lots.